Knight Fort, Giant Baby

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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 06:25:42 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
>Feroda lasted up to 780 ST when the God Learners converted the Pure
>Horse Tribe to their cause and built Robcradle.

This doesn't sound familiar to me -- what is the source of the God
Learner & Pure Horse Tribe friendship?

>Maniria: 'Now a set of chivalrous families, called the Trader
>Princes, hold a chain of forts stretching from Bastis to Esrolia'
>GB p46

And these are the people whom I think built Knight Fort as well.

Richard Develyn
>Baby now leaves or is tempted away. If I was hanging around nearby I
>wouldn't take it on - but if I wanted to get at whatever was incide I
>could try leading the baby away with some sort of giant rattle / bag of
>sweets / that sort of thing. Or get in there and tickle its toes then
>persuade it to follow you out. This all assumes that this really is a
>*baby* in every sense of the word.

Hmm, does anyone think the baby might have made it as far as the Plateau
of Statues?

Or perhaps it was picked up by the gentle daughters of Zola Fel, who took
pity on it and kept it from drowning. Perhaps they even adopted the cute
little thing, though what they would have done with it in a few years
when it was 50 or 60 feet tall, I'm not sure.

I could also see some sort of transformation being affected upon it to
save it, turning it into some huge fish or something. It could still be
alive in some deep pool, a 200 foot long carp! [Nah, just kidding.]

>Now something which was either looted, or dropped by the baby itself
>could, if properly employed, cause this cradle to rise again. If the
>defensive magics were still operating then it could look pretty much
>unscathed - and what a sight that would be, rising up out of the mud!

Reminds me of a scene out of "The Dark is Rising" by Susan Cooper (did I
get the right book in the series?), where the ancient Viking ship comes
up during a great (and mythic) rainstorm, and sails through town down the
street so full of water that it has become a river, never to be seen

I do like the idea that the Cradle will stay sunk until the baby comes
back. How about this: when The Cradle comes down the river, the Cradle's
magic defender (similar to Pinchining, but not a Gold Wheel Dancer IMO)
awakens. He starts trying to get people to come to him. Obviously, he
wants to enlist their aid to find his missing charge! Can the adventurers
track down a baby who has been missing for 1250 years? Where would they
even start?

A good place to start would be to trek up to Gonn Orta's castle to get
some info from him -- he has been around since the Dawn, the baby on the
most recent Cradle was his daughter, so he ought to be both knowledgeable
and sympathetic. I assume he is on good terms with Zola Fel, too, so
getting the aid of the River should be fairly easy.

Stephen Martin
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