Freud in Glorantha

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 11:30:45 EET

David Cake:

Me>>It exists when it serves to illuminate some facet about Glorantha
>>or for Maximum Game Fun purposes or maintains some links with the
>>real world that allows a player to get a handle (ie gravity exists
>>because zero-g roleplay is far too bizarre).

> Unfortunately, Peter, as someone who has had to study Freud, I find
>the idea of a world where Freudian psychology accurately represents how
>your average humans think to be completely and utterly bizarre....

Since when did I (or anybody) say Freudian psychology accurately
represents how the average gloranthan thinks?

>Nevertheless, the 'trolls=id, dwarves=ego,
>elves=superego' remains as good a description of their racial psychology as
>you are likely to get in a single sentence.

And that is the _only_ reason I use it.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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