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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 11:29:27 EET

Nils Weinander:

Gets an inspiration from Sandy's post

>Right! What I'm getting at after some additional thought is this,
>if we go with Peter's idea (as I'm much inclined to do) that the
>land of the dead used to be accessible and now isn't, will the
>blesings of the dead emperors fade. Will the laws start to fall
>apart? Will the language be babelized?

And then runs smack into:

Me>> I assume people can still reach the land of the dead through
>> worship and mystic voyages

>OK, I assumed stricter, that the heroquest path is closed as

To resolve apparent contradictions between my and Sandy's PoVs, mystic
voyages (of the Kralori sort) are difficult. For example, Yao Fune had
to meditate in a desert for three years before he was granted a vision
of how to raise the sunken lands. And even then most people don't
believe him.

'Can you show us the signature of the Most Wise and August Sage to
prove that what you say is true? No? I thought as much. Run
along now...'

Dave Black:

>Lately I've been feeling uneasy about my understanding of the difference
>between Spirit Magic and Divine. Aren't the spirits supposed to dwell in
>the Underworld whereas the Gods dwell on the God Plane?

Spirits live in the spirit world which is a portion of the Other Side.
The God Plane is also part of the Other Side. But some gods are known
in places as big spirits and vice versa, so it's really a matter of
cultural perception.

>Why then should Divine Magic practitioners have any Spirit Magics at all?

The spirit magic of a divine magician is really a portion of the god
that moves in the magician. Shamanic magic is similar save that the
whole of the spell spirit moves in the shaman.

>On the other hand Daka Fal is clearly concerned with Spirits and yet is
>considered Divine?

He's not divine. He's the ultimate ancestor who is so powerful that
worship is necessary to reach him.

Richard Ohlson:

>Is there a convenient way to go from apple lane to river of cradles?
If you had Borderlands and Pinfeather survived the raid on Gringle's
Pawnshop then the players could hunt him down and end up in the Zola

Failing that have an important personage receive a divination that the
recent misfortunes (caused by the PCs stuffing up) can be resolved by
offering weregild to the Karandoli clan which was presumed extinct but
now fled to the River of Cradles.

>Specifically, should I more or less insist on a Zola Fel initiate how just
>"happens" to be in Apple Lane with the rest of the normal, Orlanthi

An initiate of a river god can change his god without any problems if
he moves to another river. So if a PC was a fisher who worshipped
the River then he would be accepted into the Zola Fel with open arms
if he moved there.

>On another note, any ideas on where I could get a copy of Griffin

Get down on your knees and pray?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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