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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 12:16:06 EET

>Is there a convenient way to go from
>apple lane to river of cradles?

In my campaign, i transplanted the Rainbow Mounds sans trolls to the
northern Zola Fel (just north of Leaping Place Falls) and made it a long
forgotten temple to the Cleansed One, who got imprisoned in the statue
after he was killed by the Mother of Lizards. The Mother of Lizards was
herself imprisoned within her cave by the power of the Cleansed One. During
the centuries of her imprisonment she has learned how to create Rock Lizard
Drones, as well as intelligent Rock Lizards, so the place and the
surrounding area is stuffed with cunning packs of Rock Lizards.

Since this happened over a thousand years ago, no one remembers the event
or the location of the temple and only the legend of the abandoned, cursed
temple remains. I tied it into the Troubled Waters campaign and got the PCs
thinking that maybe the gorp plague emanated from the legendary temple. Of
course it didn't but they got to find and cleanse the temple of the
Cleansed One from the resident evil and thus added a rationale why the PCs
would be chosen by Zola Fel to be River Voices. They haven't freed the
Cleansed One yet.

If you really want to play Apple Lane and move on to RoC, then transplant
the scenario to some sleepy, backward village in Pavis County, like

You could of course play Rainbow Mounds as is as well, though tying it into
the Troubled Waters makes for good campaign continuity.

Michael Raaterova

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