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Kudos to Sandy for daring to print the unprintable! I'm surprised you
haven't been burnt as a heretic of the Gloranthan way : )

As for Kallyr having to be more powerful, sick and gross than Gunda,
I don't see why. Gunda is good but no that good. Cover yourself in
wax (no bare skin) shave of your hair (no hair) and try and not get
hit (no blood) and there goes her Ogre King Glance. Her spells aren't
*that* deadly, and as any Rune Lord bristling with rune magics should
be able to get a critical most of the time you needn't worry about
the armour. As she doesn't worship any gods there's no DI to worry
about. Worried about her hitting you long range? I'm sure Kallyr has
Teleportation. All she needs is a critical with an imapling weapon
and Gunda won't be going anywhere.



> Sandy and I had a good explanation of the Vivamort cult during the
>session on the West. Some important points 1) Vampires originate in
>the West, and are still primarily a Western perversion. This is also
>in part because vampires are a lot better off if they already know
>sorcery, but also for historical reasons. 2) The cult of Vivamort as
>known by humans is primarily a big con scheme to get human
>servitors, and maybe recruit some new vampires - it does not grant
>divine magic, and is not truly a cult. 3) The reason vampires
>associate with other vampires in the cult is to exchange sorcerous
>knowledge, and perhaps a few special Vivamort cult rituals. 4) most
>of the things the vivamort cult could do in Cults of Terror they can
>still do (except DI), using either standard sorcery spells (ie
>Summon and Command Ghoul - very convenient for body disposal), or
>special cult rituals (ie draining rune magic).

I think you've just described the version Simon Phipps has on his

Nikk E.

Nikk Effingham

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