Re:GCDU etc (Illumination)

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 14:57:19 EET

 David Cake says :

> I noticed that during Sandy's God Learning seminar, he
>denied that the God Learners were Illuminated, saying that it would be
>pointless for them, while in Questlines II (a treasure trove of
>lore! buy it now!) you can read Greg saying the exact opposite at the
>of his heroquest seminar. I haven't decided which I believe yet, though

>Gregs is probably edging ahead so far.

I haven't got a copy of Questlines II so i don't know what Greg said.

The God Learners were certainly aware of illumination, but I don't think
they pursued or disseminated it widely. I think the answer is simply
that the two mysteries of illumination and God Learning are basicaly
unrelated. Greg and Sandy haven't bothered spending much time sorting
out a precise answer between them because it just isn't that important.

If you're trying to figure out illumination of God Learning you're
better off considering them in isolation.



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