Argrath, Argrath, Argrath...

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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 15:36:22 EET

David Cake says

> I think there are three major Argraths.
> Argrath Dragonspear, aka Garrath Sharpsword, who eventually becomes
>King of Dragon Pass. He goes on the Cradle, where he meets Harrek, and is
>away from Genertela from 1621 to 1625.
> Argrath White Bull, who unites the tribes of the Wastes, conquers
>Pavis, and then aids Argrath Dragonspear in his wars against the Empire.
> and
> Argrath of Pavis, who is a Black Fang rebel, and who is
>instrumental in the capture of Pavis. After the fall of Pavis, he doesn't
>do a whole lot.

> I welcome discussion on the Argrath issue...

I think all three are the same one at the same time in different places.
Ralzakark manages it. In Carlos Castanda's books his teachers are able to
be in two places at once, there is a debate about what would happen if
they met.

I would like to think that is one of the secrets a hero can learn through
a difficult and dangerous quests. It is not for everyone. I don't think

it's a specific quest, it happens inside another one if the circumstances
are right. Such as a task that can only be completed if you split (you
need to figure out how to do this yourself and be strong enough to do
it). Once you know how to then you can do it where appropriate. Perhaps
you need to hijack another questers body?

I wonder if they know what each other is up to? If they did, they
wouldn't tell.

> BTW - I asked Greg for clarification at the Lore Auction two years
>ago, and he was deliberately vague.

Greg is one of the Argraths.


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