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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 16:21:52 EET

Erik sez....
> Second, one of the characters is originally from Peloria, but his family
> got relocated to the Pavis area for some reason. Would he be expected to
> worship the 7M, seeing as he was born and raised in Peloria, or are they
> mostly considered to be a frontier religion?

Well, best case scenario would be he joins Etyries or a cult with a full write up.
However, if his father was a soldier, I suppose that Yannafal wouldn't be out of the
question. Mind you, he would find it difficult finding a true temple to YT, without
hitting a local barracks, but could visit the shrine in a local 7mommies temple. (Hm,
convenient that, eh?) Of course, if his parents are farmers, he might worship a local
grain goddess (which will convert, thank the godlearners), or if fishermen he could
worship a river god, or maybe an obscure theif god, etc.

To answer the question you hint at but are not quite asking though, No, I do not believe
that everybody who lives within the Lunar Empire neccessarily belongs to the collective
cult of the seven mothers or one of the individual mothers private cults. The Empire is
big enough that they have hundreds of gods, and diverse enough that most of them are
associates/allies of one 7mom or the other.

So, cult obligations wouldn't be a problem, but cult advancement would. I would recomend
that the character JOIN the 7mom's, and be welcomed with open arms if he belongs to
another Lunar Cult. I mean, that's what the 7mom's is here for, right?

Rich Ohlson
(Keep in mind WHY he relocated. Forced out or voluntary will make a huge difference.)


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