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From: Erik Nolander (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 16:45:40 EET

Hi there,

Peter Metcalfe wrote (in response to me):

>>What I'm proposing is something akin to the Cthulhu Mythos-skill in
>>Let's call it, for lack of a better term, the Illumination-skill
>>(ta-da!). This starts at 0%, and can only be raised through the given
>>ways: being posed Illuminating questions and understanding them.
>Which is how it operates currently although not explicitly.

Yeah, you're right. I must confess, I hadn't checked the write-ups
properly before writing that. Sometimes relying on your memory alone can
be a bummer... ;)
However, my main thrust is with the Skill=Riddle connection, which, as I
wrote, I don't like much at all. Anyone got any suggestions?

>>understanding, I feel, must be left to the individual GM and
>>That is, they must agree upon whether a given character has understood
>>certain Riddle. If the character "successfully" understands the
>>his/her Illumination score is raised by a certain amount.
>Easier said than done without guidelines.

I know. I was being deliberately vague, since I think that it's hard to
simulate understanding through the rules alone (well, that's an even
vaguer statement...). One thing I thought of was to let the chance of
understanding a Riddle be equal to the Knowledge bonus. This would mean,
of course, that certain characters would have absolutely no chance of
becoming Illuminated (i.e., those with Knowledge bonus <=0), but that
makes sense to me, at least.

>>Note that this also allows for
>>involuntary Illumination, which I think is possible although rare.
>All Illumination is in essense involuntary. If one is purposely
>striving for it then the chances of becoming illuminated are less.

Well, I was aiming more at so-called "forced" Illumination. Or, if you
like, Illumination as a torture technique...

Erik Nolander

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