Pure Horse People and the EWF

From: Jeff Richard (jrichard@cnw.com)
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 19:35:28 EET

Howdy -

Nick has done an excellent job summarizing source material detailing the
relationship between the EWF and the Pure Horse People. I think it is
rather uncontravertable that the EWF "invited" the Pure Horse People into
Prax, and used the PHP as allies against the nomads (and probably as
mercenaries in their many wars). As for Nick's further suppositions about
the underlying relationship between Dragon Pass and the horse nomads, let
me just say that I'm unconvinced. :)

That the God Learners allied with the PHP against the animal nomads shows
merely that the PHP hated the animal nomads far more than they loved the

Peter wrote:
>To split hairs, the Heortlings were allies of the trolls and _then_
>they were resurgent but rebellious. They revolted sometime about
>550 ST according to Uz Lore p24.

To be even more hair-splitting, the Heortlings were allies of the trolls
and _then_ they were dramatically resurgent with the EWF. The Heortlings
revolted against their troll allies sometime about 550 ST, and formed the
EWF a generation later in 578 ST.

Increasingly, I believe that Knight Fort was originally a Jrusteli
fortification of the Second Age, not a Third Age construction by the
Merchant Barons/Princes of Wenelia, not a EWF construction and not a tomb
to the unknown soldier.



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