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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 20:35:48 EET

Erik Nolander

>just started a campaign in Prax with some new players, and a few
>questions popped up.

>First, would it be possible for a character to be a lay member of both
>Lanbril and Pavis, or are they incompatible?

It is perfectly possible since lay member status doesn't come with any
serious obligations. The cults are basically incompatible since the Pavis
cult keeps the Law in the city, and the Lanbril cult breaks it.

>Second, one of the characters is originally from Peloria, but his family
>got relocated to the Pavis area for some reason. Would he be expected to
>worship the 7M, seeing as he was born and raised in Peloria, or are they
>mostly considered to be a frontier religion?

If the character is culturally Lunar, he will most certainly worship the
Seven Mothers, or at least some of them, and definitely in the temple of
the Seven Mothers, since that's the only Lunar Religious Centre in Prax. If
he is sincerely devout or has a mystic slant he would pilgrimage to
Moonbroth as well.

The cult of the Seven Mothers as presented *is* a frontier religion, but
Pavis *is* the frontier, so the character won't have much of a choice if he
doesn't feel like rejecting his religion.

If he worships Yelm or Lodril or some other Pelorian gods he won't find a
lot of worship ceremonies to participate in to gain or regain divine magic.
Of course, he or his family probably has a private shrine at home to
perform the ceremonies for his or their spiritual wellbeing.

Michael Raaterova

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