Sun County 1621-1625

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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 21:57:12 EET

It was asked:
> The main area not mentioned is what is happening at Sun County during
> these 8 years? What is Solanthos up to (esp with Sor-Eel)?

And Nick said:
> Though I *hope* for some back-plot in the "Secret History of Sun
> County", apparently included in "Questlines II".

I haven't had my author's copy yet, so haven't seen the final version,
but as I recall it the Secret History is only specific up to 1616. I then
gave a collection of plot hooks and ideas, and a rough plan of where
people might be by 1625. I didn't want to wreck Glorantha for people like
Richard :)

There have been hints in the past that by 1630, Invictus is Count.

My own suggestion was that when AWhiteBull, Argrath-off-the-Cradle, and
all their nomad friends travelled from Corflu to Pavis, they went
straight through Sun County. Result: Solanthos dead, heroically, in
battle, Invictus Count.

(No-one is mentioned as hiring the Templars. Only reason I can think of
is that they were between Counts).

Belvani dies, unheroically, found in bed with a Lunar Lady during the
fall of Pavis. Vega in theory should be moved up to Light Captain. In
practise this is just too embarrassing, and she's shipped off as
ambassador to the newly-freed Kingdom of Sartar: to understand why, read
the History!

The new Light Captain is, I hope, someone's PC. The gap is there to be
used, anyway.

Jane Williams


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