Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 22:58:10 EET

Stephen Martin:
I don't think that it would in fact be a Gold Wheel Dancer on board. I
think the fact that a GWD can transform into anything, and can be
transformed into anything, is why Pinchining became the guardian of the
Last Cradle. It would stand to reason (IMO) that the Giants would use
different guardians to ensure that some of the Cradles made it, despite
the dangers in the Underworld). And we know that Gold Wheel Dancers were
always rare -- I can't see all of them becoming the dreams of only the
Giants -- there were many races and peoples which needed their dreams
fulfilled by the Gold Wheel Dancers.

     Um, sorry, but this question came up in two of the seminars at GC IV;
Sandy made it clear that a Gold Wheel Dancer really was required. The fact
that they died out at the end of the First Age, coupled with Robcraddle,
are responsible for the cessation of Elder Giant breeding.
     Supposedly, there were lots of sentient races that 'could not make the

cut', when the Dawn came, the enviroment was too different. Elder Giants
and Gold Wheel Dancers took longer, but are reaching/reached th same end.
Yet another race that dies out over time....

Dario Corallo:
What is, in your opinion, the aspect of the race of the Gold Wheel

     If you mean what did they look like, they could take on human forms
and were able to mate with humans. Ask Sandy for some more on this.


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