The Lost Emperor

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G'day all,

The Lost Emperor

Nils suggests what our Kralorelan special guest might be up to:

>Howsabout drugged on black lotus, kept happy with nubile
>ivory skinned slant-eyed maidens, in a blissful stupour
>where he gladly accepts a subjugated position? All to
>ensure that the troublesome newcomer moon can be said
>to be voluntarily under the rule of the Dragon Empire.

Sounds like great work if you can get it! Or perhaps - given that Peter
reckons he's a gardener, he's more like a pathetic "Pu Yi" character, a
thoroughly rehabilitated "war criminal" who resiles from his former life
and is pathetically eager to please his new masters and parrot the party
line (cf. Pu-Yi's astonishingly servile and self-recriminatory

autobiography "From Emperor to Citizen", or the film "The Last Emperor".)
Given that we've got some Soviet ideology into the Lunars, why not a bit of
Commie China into Kralorela?

RofC Campaign: Timeline and Events

Richard asks:

>The main area not mentioned is what is happening at Sun County during
>these 8 years? What is Solanthos up to (esp with Sor-Eel)?

Have a read of Jane Williams's brilliant "Secret History of Sun County" in
QUESTLINES II. This features a section of "Future History", with
speculations about what various main players get up to.

Killing Skippy

Jeff writes:

>Howdy y'all. I've returned from South Australia, enjoying the wonderful
>hospitality of MOB, Hugh McVicker, Andrew Bean and many other worthies.

To be precise, Jeff's antipodean sojourn was in *southern* Australia, but
he spent all of his time in the state of Victoria, not with the crow-eaters
in neighbouring SA. It was great fun to have him over here, and although
his LARP "Fall of the House of Malan" went splendidly well, I still think
Jeff's trip highlight must be being asked to shoot our national symbol and
being handed a semi-automatic rifle within seconds of his arrival at Andrew
Bean's country estate.



>From the "Notes from Nochet" files (quoting this month from Book
XXIX, Subsection V):

   [XXIX.V..(...)../..] ............. .... ....: ........ .....
   .....,......... .. ......! ...... .. .... ...... ..... ....
   .... ....... ....... ......, ..... ... .. ..........?

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