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From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 23:27:32 EET

I have some suggestions about the giant cradle scenario. A possible
uniting factor for individuals of different tribes is a special secret
dedicated to assisting the Elder Giants in getting their cradles to the sea.

Now of course this society is pretty much moribund because no giant cradle
has been seen in centuries but it does still exist.

Tribal elders could be having visions of doom and destruction facing a
cradle (which could be quite a shock if they don't realize the cradle in
was buried centuries before during the Sunstop). They're forced to act to
protect the cradle because their ancestors swore bloody oaths to the giants
(unto the umpteenth generation, yada, yada) so they have to send someone
but since the society doesn't have much power (or relevance) they can afford

to send smucks, err starting PCs.

You can also toss in a Yemalio if you want since many of them (okay at least
some of them) are transplanted tribes people, Maybe dad or the local Light
Priest has been having bad dreams and sends sonny boy to investigate.

My theory about what happened to the cradle (building on other's
suggestions of course) is that when the Sunstop occured the magic protecting

the cradle stopped working. Unfortunately at that very moment it was
by the Five Eyes Temple and a section of river bank that was being shored up

with magic collapsed on it. The defences were down long enough to allow the

cradle to be buried but partially reactivated after it had been buried to
the contents. (Is the baby still alive? Your call. But it's still
stuffed with loot).
Being buried made it impossible for the cradle to "call" for help, but.....
Erosion has been steadily wearing away the bank. Recently part of the
cradle's been exposed and scavengers have been inside eating some of the
protectors. If you're of a cinematic bent I'd suggest having the party ride
a hill and see a party of baboons sitting in a circle scratching themselves
yelping and dancing about before the exposed cradle and tossing bones up in

the air. (Now what would be some appropriate music to play while all this

Now if you want the baboons can have partially looted the cradle since the
damn things were just stuffed with treasure. (The brat's bedding was gold
straw for crying out loud!) But all that's up to you.


Oliver D. Bernuetz


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