Announcing: The Glorantha-Weekly

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 02:09:28 EET

In the next few weeks a new Glorantha mailing list will appear, the
Glorantha Weekly, edited by Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener.


The Glorantha Weekly will be a compilation of the most immediately
gameable items that appear on the existing Glorantha Digest, including
fiction, folk tales, etc. This is not necessarily the *best* stuff,
because the Glorantha Digest includes lots of great discussion which
illuminates Glorantha, but it will be the most accessible articles.


If Doyle thinks an article is a complete piece he'll send you a line,
and ask you permission to reprint it in the Glorantha Weekly. Then
it'll appear in the next few weeks.


The Glorantha Weekly will appear Bi-Weekly. Several issues may go out
at the same time if the accumulated material is more than 25k in


A copy of each Glorantha Weekly will automatically be sent to every
participant on the Glorantha Digest. In addition, you'll be able to
sign up for the list seperately if you just want to receive the
Weekly. More details on signup procedures next week. As long as I can
get things worked out, the Glorantha Weekly will also be mirrored to
one of the newsgroups, either or, most likely.


If anyone has comments or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear
them. Better name? Alternate distribution methods? Unhappiness with
any of this setup? Drop me a line.


Here's a note from Doyle, the G-W editor.

From: Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener <>

Hi, my name is Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener, and I will be culling The
Gloranthan Digest for material for The Gloranthan Weekly, as Shannon
has no doubt already mentioned.

Before I post any material, I will ask for your permission, by way of
a form e-mail. So if you see one appear in your e-mail basket, be sure
to respond.

If you wish, you may want to add the line to your post, "I do not wish
to have this post duplicated on the Gloranthan Weekly.", to avoid a
pesky message from myself.

By way of example, here are some posts that would have appeared in the
Weekly from recent Digests.

Sandy Peterson's RQ stats for Gunda the Guilty (Digest Vol. 5, #390).

Stephen Martin's list of Favored Spirit Cults of the Sacred Places of
Prax (Digest Vol. 5, #386).

My sole 'editorial' contributions to these works would have included
mentioning a website where Sandy's sorcery rules are posted, and a
plug for Drastic: Prax.

Conversely, Richard Develyn's River of Cradles campaign ideas (Digest
Vol. 5, #387) would not have been posted, because they are

This doesn't mean they couldn't be posted in the future, once
Mr. Develyn finishes prepatory work on his campaign.

I look forward to seeing your work.



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