Re: Maps and copyrights

From: Kevin Rose (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 07:32:07 EET

Nick said:
>Yep: send me another mail about preferred file formats, whether you like
>getting binary ZIP files, etc., and I'll send them your way pronto.
>They'll be straight from the "Genertela Book", so you'd probably have to
>redraw 'em completely before you could upload them. Still, it can only be
>an improvement.

Maybe I don't understand copyright at all, but are not all derivative
works of a fictional idea protected? So you can redraw the map all you
want, but it is still a copyright violation, as the base product is
imaginary and protected. (Unlike a real-world map, where only the actual
map [the graphical presentation] is protected, not the data it is drawn

Or does it not work this way? I'm wondering because it affects certain
things I'm interested in doing.



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