Belvani dies in bed ?

From: Rex Bean (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 07:09:43 EET

G'day all,

Having read the Questlines 2 Secret History of Sun County I have to ask
why Belvani gets such a put down (and what was he doing in bed when
Argrath White Bull is steamrollering through the place anyway) ?

He always seemed a great NPC to have saying/doing weird things to worry
the players with. Is it heresy or deep insight he's whispering in their
ear ?

Do the authors just not like him or is the history somewhat tainted by
soneone's anti-Lunar sympathies ?

MGF answers desired.

Cheers, Andrew

PS You haven't read Questlines 2 yet ? Quelle horreur ! Beat a path to
your local TOTRM rep who I personally know is loaded down with copies
ready to sell (if not them, try Wizards Attic)

"Questlines 2 is 92 pages of Gloranthan gold" says David Hall, Megacorp
Chairman, in an off the cuff remark overheard at Glorantha Con Down Under 2


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