Gold Wheel Dancers

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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 06:57:30 EET

Andrew Joelson
> Um, sorry, but this question came up in two of the seminars at GC
>Sandy made it clear that a Gold Wheel Dancer really was required. The
>that they died out at the end of the First Age, coupled with Robcraddle,
>are responsible for the cessation of Elder Giant breeding.
> Supposedly, there were lots of sentient races that 'could not make
>cut', when the Dawn came, the enviroment was too different. Elder
>and Gold Wheel Dancers took longer, but are reaching/reached th same
>Yet another race that dies out over time....

Well, it can certainly always be Gold Wheel Dancers guarding the Giant
Cradles in your Glorantha and Sandy's, but I find it more interesting to
have different types of guardians, especially since the GWD's are tacitly
associated with Light and/or Sky, and the Elder Giants seem to be
associated with Earth or with none of the Elements.

And I have a hard time believing that the Gold Wheel Dancers, all extinct
by the end of the First Age, were somehow still being used as guardians
by the giants 300 or so years later. I just don't think there were ever
enough Gold Wheel Dancers around to waste so many on a single form and/or
task. All IMO.

Stephen Martin
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