Horse Tribe in Prax, GWD

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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 06:19:39 EET

>Perhaps a closer reading of RoC p.8 (sub-heading "The Horse Barbarian
>Incursions") is called for?

Ah, I hadn't noted the years for the EWF and God Learner Horse alliances.
So, we get Pure Horse People come to Prax as EWF allies sometime before
620 (Battle of Necklace Horse). They then ally instead with the God
Learners sometime after 720 (Thanrax the Fair of Jrustela and Firegleam).
However, sometime around 830 the Pure Horse Tribe allies with Pavis, and
thus can be said to be allied with the EWF again.

So, despite my confusion over years, my main point is still a valid one
- -- was there one Horse Tribe constantly shifting allies (seems likely to
me), or are there two, one allied to the EWF all along, the other to the
God Learners.

I',m sorry Nick didn't read past the errors to the point of the posting,
he might have been able to give an opinion on this matter.

There, was that under 20K?

Nick on Gold Wheen Dancers as Triskeles:
>This would explain why Tripods are valuable currency in the Dawn Ages --
>cf. Homer for anyone who doesn't believe me

I don't understand this reference -- could you elaborate on this? I
assume you mean Homer the Greek?

>and/or one of the Triskeles (a tripod of legs, perhaps holding up a
circular >body).

Hmm, an interesting thought, since Cwim came up recently -- Cwim is a
large circular body/head, held up by three legs/bodies. It is often said
that chaos entered the cosmos and corrupted or parodied everything it
touched -- if Cwim is not a corrupted Giant Baby, could he be a corrupted
Gold Wheel Dancer, or a chaotic imitation of them?

Stephen Martin
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