Captive Emperors.

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 08:46:31 EET

Sandy Petersen:

>Therefore, I suggest that the Kralori Forbidden City include
>subject courts for not only the Red Emperor, but also the Golden Emperor
>(ruler of the East Isles & Vormain), the Artmali Emperor, a King of
>Pent, an ice demon, and a Western Emperor. No doubt these slave-emperors
>periodically issue proclamations and orders to their subjects, none of
>whom ever hear a word about it.

This is good!

We can even work out who some of these Slave-Emperors might be:

Kui Hui the Giant Hero is IMO the Emperor of the Wastelands as we
know Genert once ruled there as did Storkbiorn.

The King of Pent is undoubtedly a son of Sheng Seleris.

We probably need to have a King of the Orlanthi. My suggestion would
be Obduran the Flier (who would have flown eastwards in 1042 ST as
Ingolf did Westward) or a descendant of his.

Michael O'Brien:

>Or perhaps - given that Peter
>reckons he's a gardener, he's more like a pathetic "Pu Yi" character, a
>thoroughly rehabilitated "war criminal" who resiles from his former life
>and is pathetically eager to please his new masters and parrot the party
>line (cf. Pu-Yi's astonishingly servile and self-recriminatory
>autobiography "From Emperor to Citizen", or the film "The Last Emperor".)

'twas my intention. Of course I think the slave-emperors are all
occupied at menial positions during the day, claiming how fortunate
they are to live such happy lives in this Land of Splendor. Once
their day job ends, they hold their respective courts plotting
(ridiculously) to win power back in their home...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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