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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 08:46:39 EET

Erik Nolander:

>One thing I thought of was to let the chance of
>understanding a Riddle be equal to the Knowledge bonus. This would mean,
>of course, that certain characters would have absolutely no chance of
>becoming Illuminated (i.e., those with Knowledge bonus <=0), but that
>makes sense to me, at least.

I don't believe that comprehension of a Riddle is dependant on
knowledge. A Riddle really is a paradox that arises from everyday

Jeff Richard:

>That the God Learners allied with the PHP against the animal nomads shows
>merely that the PHP hated the animal nomads far more than they loved the

They didn't. They allied with the God Learners so they could loot
the cradles more effectively. The animal nomads were a spent force
by the time of the alliance IMO. Mind you, the Pure Horse People
are infamous for flip-flopping alliances; consider their record in
Dragon Pass!

Nick Brooke:

>And we all know by now that Arkat wounded himself on the Hero Plane
>(which is where he got his otherwise-unhealable injury from): two of
>his heroquests overlapped, and (all unknowing) he shot himself in the
>foot. Silly bugger.

I believe this blindness persists with his followers in Ralios
today. When Cults of Terror talks about the Cult of Arkat being
epitomes of the Bright Side of Nysalor and ready to hunt down those
who have fallen to the Dark Side, they are really hunting down their
rival Arkati cultists who detect on their sense Gbaji magics.

Of course their HeroQuests IMO are really attempts to meet the
Deceiver* on the Heroplane and kill him. Naturally the various
wounds and transformations they take can cause the Questers
outlook to change such that he registers on his cult's sense
Gbaji spells. Thereupon he is condemned as a traitor and a Gbaji
worshipper. If he survives his ex-cults attempts to hunt him
down, he will have to look for a new Arkati cult that would
take him in (ie one that does not perceive him as Gbaji).

*Normally this is Gbaji but some Arkati are undoubtedly around
the bend so much that they think it's Arkat they seek...

Shannon Appel:

NB>>The "King of Dragon Pass" when this migration happened (c.620 ST) would
>>presumably have been a leader in the EWF's Third Council: the EWF was
>>formed in Dragon Pass in 578 "as a ruling religious and political body
>>over the Dragon Pass peoples."

>Small caveat: in 620 the EWF is solely a religious body, not a
>political one. The total political takeover is at the "Third Council"
>date given in _Griffin Mountain_ (826 ST).

The 'ruling religious and political body' is the description given by
the Glorantha Book p22 for the foundation of the formal establishment
of the EWF in 578 ST. In 700 ST, Hrestol Arganitus mentions that the
Leftside Community of the Wyrmfriends 'have no government except the
mystical Inner Brotherhood who are sequestered at Dragon's Eye' (KoS
p182). Therefore the description of it as "solely" a religious body
is incorrect.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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