Learned Illuminates, Alkoth and Ramalia

From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 11:56:03 EET

Let's see; I have lost 9 digests fo far and it seems impossible to order
any "back issues" from the archive, so I have to make do...

Go Learners and Illuminations; and this is IMO and my theory;
        Illumination (or at least one form of it) means a union of opposites, Self
and Shadow. Most of Gloranthan cultures have some kind of dualistic ideals
(we/them, appropriate/inappropriate, Law/Chaos). Illuminates "see" beyond
these opposed principles. Therefore Illumination IMO is a kind of
intuitive, holistic approach.
        God Learner approach, however, is analytical and in fact dissective and
based of one kind of reasoning. World is seen as groups of separate though
joined "structures" which can be dissected or manipulated.
        Therefore; No, I do not think that God Learnes were Illuminated.
        (In fact, they are analogous to munchkin AD&D players in their behavior...)

Alkoth being conquered
        Here is another option. "Yo, Shargash-berserks. We don't intent to conquer
your city (since we would lose too much men anyway) but how about joining
forces? We pay you for fighting" "Do we get to fight Darjiini ?" "But Of
course" " Then we will join you!"
        Why take over the place ? Any army needs a bunch of willing front-line
berserks all too happy to bash heads in.

One Question:
        Does anyone have an idea what kind of place Ramalia could have been before
the Slontos went under ? "Infested with mraloti hsunchen", well, yes, but

anything beyond that ?

Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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