Pavic snippets

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 12:33:10 EET

Glad to see Peter Metcalfe and Stephen Martin agree with my general
interpretation of which Argrath is which. Who knows what terrible flame war
is averted thereby!

Stephen queries if all Cradles need to have a Gold Wheel Dancer. I thought
that in the Chaosium campaign, the first Cradle for hundreds of years
occurred precisely because Cradles DO need a Gold Wheel Dancer, and the one
resurrected by Urrgh the Ugly was what they had been waiting for.

>First, would it be possible for a character to be a lay member of both
>Lanbril and Pavis, or are they incompatible?

        Absolutely. For a start, its only lay membership. But loving the
city, and wanting it to be peaceful and prosperous, and enthusiastically
participating in all its city customs is in no way incompatible with
wanting to relieve its richer members of their excess wealth. Of course,
almost all the individual members of the Pavis cult will want you caught
and punished, but the gods are not always concerned with the Law. And from
Lanbrils point of view, its almost expected that you are seen to be
involved with other cults, as Nick points out -

>Glorantha isn't one of those worlds where people walk around saying, "I'm
>a thief, me." (Naming no games, for fear of lawsuits from T$R).

        The Master Thief and wanna-be crimelord in my campaign owns a fish
shop, and is widely respected among the Zola Fel cult (he is a River
Voice). Think of Marvel Comics Kingpin, who always maintains "I am just a
humble dealer in spices."




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