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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 11:53:58 EET

Replies to Peter about various things
>Since when did I (or anybody) say Freudian psychology accurately
>represents how the average gloranthan thinks?

        You said it 'existed' when useful. Which is somewhat ambiguous as
to how general its application was intended to be when it does exist. But
more importantly Peter, it is in no way necessary to defend yourself - I
was sniping at Freud, not you, and seized on your comments only as a point
of entry to discussion. I just feel its necessary to deride Freud whenever
mentioned in case someone starts trying to tell us that their Oedipal
theories of Yelmic religion must be true, because Freud is science he is.
As a sane, rational, and well-informed person, of course you understand
that Freud is bollocks :-)

>>Nevertheless, the 'trolls=id, dwarves=ego,
>>elves=superego' remains as good a description of their racial psychology as
>>you are likely to get in a single sentence.
>And that is the _only_ reason I use it.

        But we can usually manage more than a sentence on any topic here!
        Let us move past this simplistic explanation into far cooler ones,
like Nicks seasonal brown elves, which I think is superb!

Other things Peter said
>>Why then should Divine Magic practitioners have any Spirit Magics at all?
>The spirit magic of a divine magician is really a portion of the god
>that moves in the magician. Shamanic magic is similar save that the
>whole of the spell spirit moves in the shaman.

        According to the RQ Rules, its more like Gods have hordes of Spell
spirits that attend them and flow from them, that can be summoned by the
Spell Teaching magic. Of course, many religions will consider these spell

spirits to be small parts of the god that flow to his worshippers. Others
might not.

>>On the other hand Daka Fal is clearly concerned with Spirits and yet is
>>considered Divine?
>He's not divine.

        Trying to work out who is divine and who is not is a pointless
task, and ultimately culturally dependent. For some cultures, a being can
be divine and still have been human once, for others not, and the rules
answer (a being is divine if they grant divine magic) doesn't help much.




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