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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 12:47:10 EET

OK. Here's some comments about the upcoming Weekly.

It's a great idea.

The discursive atmosphere on the Digest tends IMO to promote fragmentary
postings: debates and discussions with lots of inspired and inspiring stuff
strewn about in a haphazard fashion; interesting but fragmentary stuff. Not
that i dislike that at all; it's great fun. But it can have the consequence
that the rate of fullblown articles is a bit low due to the discursiveness
of the Digest.

Having a Weekly with nothing but standalone, gameable pieces could
hopefully raise the amount and posting rate of complete articles, since the
very existence of such a forum could be inspiring. So, in my mind it's
*good* to have a corpus of texts and articles in one place and the
discourse on that corpus in another place.

I find it fun to write standalone pieces, but i don't find it *that*
inspiring to see them drown in the general clutter and noise on the Digest.
The Weekly would thus be a perfect complement to the Digest. And less
intimidating for the plethora of Gloranthan newbies that will hopefully
appear in the wake of the new Gloranthan RPG.

My suggestion to Shannon and Doyle is that it be possible to *also* post
articles *directly* to the Weekly (through Doyle of course) as well. If i
wanted to write a standalone item, i could discuss some of the points in it
on the Digest beforehand, and then write and post a fullblown version to
the Weekly. No doubt the article in the Weekly will then be
discussed/dissected further on the digest, but that's a *good* thing, and
could result in a revisited article or sequel for the Weekly, which is even

Since the Weeklies consist of nothing but gameable material they should
also be archived somewhere immediately accessible. I have no doubts that
people will keep personal Weekly archives on their web-pages but they
should nevertheless be archived and indexed for easy access on the
Glorantha origo on the web, the Glorantha site.

A related query: why is there no pointer to <> somewhere
in the Digest? There should be.

Another related query: will complete articles from bygone years and ancient
digests/dailies appear in the Weekly? Since there's a *lot* in the archives
they could well be used as filler for the Weekly when new material is

Michael Raaterova

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