Re: EWF correction

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 13:32:40 EET

Shannon adds a small caveat to my post, which is partly correct:

>> The "King of Dragon Pass" when this migration happened (c.620 ST)
>> would presumably have been a leader in the EWF's Third Council:
>> the EWF was formed in Dragon Pass in 578 "as a ruling religious
>> and political body over the Dragon Pass peoples."

> Small caveat: in 620 the EWF is solely a religious body, not a
> political one. The total political takeover is at the "Third Council"
> date given in _Griffin Mountain_ (826 ST).

I misspoke slightly, as has Shannon: in 620 ST, although the EWF was
already the "ruling religious and political body over the Dragon Pass
peoples" (ever since 578 ST, cf. Glorantha Book p.22), it wasn't yet
run by the zany, weird "magical theocracy" of the Third Council. I see
no reason not keep both sources: it's possible for the *political*
rulers of the EWF in its first two and a half centuries of existence
*not* to have been magical theocrats, but nevertheless to have been
EWF types. My apologies for mentioning the Third Council before its
formation; I hope this hasn't confused anyone.

It's annoying, isn't it, that some key EWF dates appear in the History
of Balazar (826: Third Council established; 889: Third Council demand
to be worshipped as gods), but not in the Glorantha Book timeline or
"King of Sartar"... :-(

826 and 889 are more a spiritual-cum-magical takeover than a political
one, IMO. The EWF appears to have been political as well as religious
from its inception, insofar as any distinction can be made.



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