The Trickster & other Spirits of Refuge

From: Frederic Ferro (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 15:26:59 EET

Michael Cule wrote :
>Refuge, a town which was founded by the Trickster
>and has the only full sized Trickster temple I know of hidden beneath it (ING
>of course) of significance

Actually, the largest temple of the Trickster is beneath the waters,
in the Manirian islands (cf. G:CoHW).

The Spirits of Refuge we have encountered so far include many
"aspects" of the Trickster. One of them is Shishr the Alynx,
who could be an aspect of Yinkin too : he is the companion of
Eurmal. He teaches Conceal and Evil Eye (a spell of "Misfortune").
Shishr sometimes appear as a garrulous floating cat-head
(that's why there was all this rumour about a familliar Shadow Cat
of an Aeolian Windlord who would have been beheaded by a Doom Lord).
There is a Rat-trickster in the Sewers and the two "posse"
(I wouldn't call those "cults") compete in the Maze of the city of Thieves.

There are a lot of Imps in the Maze who can cast Hotfoot or
other unpleasant spells (Donkey Ears, Get Lost,... ).
The Gambler Ghosts may be related to these Imps :
they haunt Master Cordileone's Blind Lady casino.

The other major spirits are :
- - The White Foal : A River Horse, Son of Bandori.
- - Heqt the Fertile Frog : Ancestor of the Newtlings of the area, a wife of
- - The Blue Hawk : a Darkness spirit (like the Praxian Raven). He is
dominated by the Agimori crimelord, Jubal.

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- -..and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail,
and ending with the grin,...


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