Re: Maps and copyrights

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 20:09:12 EET

>Maybe I don't understand copyright at all, but are not all derivative
>works of a fictional idea protected? So you can redraw the map all you
>want, but it is still a copyright violation, as the base product is
>imaginary and protected. (Unlike a real-world map, where only the actual
>map [the graphical presentation] is protected, not the data it is drawn

Works derivative of a copyrighted piece *ARE* protected. This doesn't
include just maps, but pretty much anything written/drawn/created that
was based on the original piece... which means that pretty much
anything appearing at a Glorantha website is derivative of Greg's
original work on Glorantha to some extent.

But, this is not a problem. Issaries, Inc. has given permission for
derivative works to appear in web sites provided that nothing is
charged for them.



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