Gunda & stats

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 21:45:24 EET

 Jane Williams:

> Thanks for the stats, Sandy: this is the time I've seen any of the "main"
> NPCs written out in RQ terms. Lots of high numbers there: it looked to me
> to have gone beyond the point at which RQ is normally regarded as
> "broken". Has she actually been played with those numbers?
> BTW, not that I really want to get nto a rules debate, but aren't most of
> those stats and skills impossible to reach under normal RQ rules? I know
> she's only half-human, but POW 78, CON 45???

 I believe most of us have different interpretation of 'powerful'
 and 'superpowerful' characters etc. IMG Gunda would not be that
 powerful, as some of my PC's (who I consider very powerful)
 would be weaklings when compared to her stats.

 Panu Pasanen.


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