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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 21:36:46 EET

Rex Bean asked:

> Having read the Questlines 2 Secret History of Sun County ...
You lucky person! My copy has yet to arrive :(

> ...I have to ask why Belvani gets such a put down (and what was he
> doing in bed when Argrath White Bull is steamrollering through the
> place anyway) ?
> He always seemed a great NPC to have saying/doing weird things to
> worry the players with. Is it heresy or deep insight he's whispering in
> their ear ?
> Do the authors just not like him or is the history somewhat tainted by
> soneone's anti-Lunar sympathies ?

Well, this author at least just doesn't like him. But then, in all the
discussion that got distilled into the Secret History, none of the
participants took his side or even took much interest. Really, Belvani's
story has yet to be told.

Let's see: he's a natural linguist. He's Illuminated. His weapon choices
imply that he was *never* a Templar. I've assumed that he's basically a
diplomat, dealing mainly with the Lunars. It's entirely possible that by
the 1620s he's given up on Sun County as a dead-end, and has been
recruited by the Lunars. Maybe he's their emmisary to the dragon-newts?

Dunno. Over to someone else to invent Belvani's story. Fancy a go?

Jane Williams


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