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Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 21:36:26 EET

Regarding maps, I suspect redrawing a map of an imaginary land is indeed a
derivative work under copyright law, and thus a violation. I asked Greg
Stafford for permission to post the maps that appear on my Web site.

Stephen Martin wondered

> was there one Horse Tribe constantly shifting allies

My take is, yes. (Though if they really came to dominate Prax, it might
have eventually splintered into multiple tribes.) I agree with Nick:

> Is it possible that in the space of 160 years the Pure Horse People
> (or a clan or tribe thereof) might ally with the Jrusteli for clear
> economic benefits, despite having originally moved to Prax at the
> behest of the EWF? I think so

Peter Metcalfe suggested

> We can even work out who some of these Slave-Emperors might be

I have never been enamored of trying to force heroes into multiple molds. I
think if there are captive emperors, they're all nobodies. Perhaps the
captive Orlanthi was indeed a Second Age flier, who proudly recited his
genealogy all the way back to Orlanth (as many, if not most, are able to
do), thus taking in the Kralori. But he was just some adventurer, who never
ruled anything. And actually, the original guy is dead, and now his
descendent "rules" the Court of Storm.

None of these guys have any legitimacy whatsoever, but the Kralorelans (and
no doubt the emperors) think they do.

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