Gospel in Gag

From: Michael O'Brien (mob@bayswater.schnet.edu.au)
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 23:52:32 EET

G'day all,
Gospel in GAG

Mike Raaterova:

>The idea that Cwim is a chaotically corrupted giant from a cradle that got
>fizzled by the Sunstop is really too good not to be true. It will
>definitely be gospel IMG from now on, and i'd want it to be gospel in GAG
>as well.

Yeah! And should the lost Cradle ever be raised, would Cwim be drawn back to
it? If Cwim climbed back in, could the Cradle somehow "heal" it and restore
it back to the bouncy babe it began as? This sounds like a job for a group
like the Lunar Coders (and an exciting episode of an epic campaign!)

The Glorantha Weekly

A great idea, hearkening back to the format of the ye olde original RQ
Digest! Doyle said in his note:

>By way of example, here are some posts that would have appeared
>in the Weekly from recent Digests...
>[Sandy's Gunda stats, v5 #390]
>[Stephen Martin's list of Spirit Cults, v5 #386]

May I also suggest an eminently gameable recent example was the Five Friends
idea, by Jeff <
jholzhauer@microprose.com> in v5 #391.

Belvani dies in Bed?

Andrew Bean:

>Regarding the demise of Lord Belvani: "(and what was he doing in
>bed when Argrath White Bull is steamrollering through the place
>anyway) ?"

Given that weird response during the recent 'what goes on at Uleria
temples?' discussion, I suggest he was playing bingo.

Mr Bean then misquotes the one true David:

>"Questlines 2 is 92 pages of Gloranthan gold" says David Hall,
>Megacorp Chairman in an off the cuff remark overheard at Glorantha Con
>Down Under 2

Actually, what he said was "92 pages of *undiluted* Gloranthan gold". As I
have been quoting *94* pages in my regular hyping of the opus, I guess there
must be 2 other pages that are full of crap - I nominate pages 33-34. Read
them and find out why!



PS AH now have some details and even a FAQ to go with their RuneQuest:
Slayers page: "RuneQuest: Slayers is a completely new incarnation of the
classic RuneQuest game. Gone are the number-heavy mechanics and wearisome
campaign worlds." For more in this vein, check out:

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