Baby into Monster (is it that far a trip

From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (
Date: Fri 06 Feb 1998 - 04:14:55 EET

People wondered what turned an innocent giant baby into the chaotic,
monstrous atrocity known as Cwim. The following reasons suggest

1) He/she's hungry
2) He/she doesn't want to go to bed
3) He/she doesn't want to be awake

(Oh, wait that's what turns my nine month into a chaotic monstrosity...)

But seriously this is what happened.

When the Sunstop disaster happened the baby was playing with
one of the artifacts his parent(s) had placed in the Cradle. This was
the device known as the Mirror of Amusement. The Mirror of
Amusement is a large, rectangular seemingly unbreakable mirror
that measures the mystical dimensions of 4' x 8'. The Mirror is
attached just past the half way mark to an axle to which two large
wheels are attached. (The vertical measurement is eight feet).
The bottom of the mirror is counterweighted so it rocks when rolled
and always stays upright. For unknown reasons the gently chiming
sound of bells ringing is heard when the Mirror moves. This is quite
soothing. The balance is excellent so anyone (even a giant baby)
can move it with the slightest push.

The Mirror has the properties of distorting the reflection of whatever
(whoever) is reflected in the Mirror (much like a funhouse mirror but
highly variable and freakish in many cases). Not only does the
Mirror distort the reflection of the viewer but it also alters the actual
physical shape of the viewer! Permanently if you should happen
to move away from the Mirror before regaining your normal shape.
The Mirror is "programmed" to restore your normal shape every
seven transformations.

Normally the Mirror is perfectly safe to play with. Unfortunately the
baby was playing with the Mirror when the Sunstop occurred and
he got stuck in the last shape he was viewing. (Remember the
Mirror's changes are permanent). Normally he could have looked
into the Mirror when magic started working again but the Mirror rolled
into a corner and the unthinkable happened! (It got stuck upside
down facing away from the Baby). The poor "little" tyke freaked
out and clawed his way out of the buried Cradle (burying it again in his
attempts to escape). He's been wandering the Wastes ever since
looking for the Cradle. If he can be persuaded to look into the Mirror
(which rests intact inside the Cradle) he will eventually resume his
normal shape.

Oliver D. Bernuetz


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