Pelorian deities in Pavis & Greg's Speech

From: Pam Carlson (
Date: Fri 06 Feb 1998 - 09:49:27 EET

Somebody asked if PC's from Peloria could find their deities represented in
Pavis. I would imagine that a Lodril priest or acolyte could be found,
because of the land-grant to retired lunar soldiers policy. If you have
Pelorian farmers, you pretty much have Lodril.


I, too, was converted on the spot to the wonders of the Red Goddess after
hearing Greg's story of the Godess' struggle. I have read the Questlines
version, and though it is wonderful, it's better if you imagine Greg
telling it passionately, wandering around a small stage, gesticulating
gently and almost chanting in his soft tones.

Martin Laurie:
>Lets see the smug bastard tell SHARGASH that his city would have fallen!

Ah, Martin - it's been too long. We should get the SFC back to Alkoth...



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