Re: Kethaelan Weirdness; Richard; Belvani

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Fri 06 Feb 1998 - 12:30:32 EET

Dave Cake writes:

> I think Kethaela, in the late God Learner period, was one of the
> greatest hotbeds of weird philosophies ever seen in Glorantha. We
> have EWF magics, God Learning, Zistorism, Illumination plus all
> the variant theist beliefs, including Storm and Troll pantheons,
> and various GLised theist cults as well.

Also, from the RQ Compendium, it seems the Only Old One could offer more
than "just" the Troll Pantheon outlook.

: Both [the EWF and the God Learners] were coexistent with a philo-
: sophy of magico-religious scientism wherein bands of heroquesters
: consciously penetrated the Other Side to serve their own ends. In
: the Shadowlands these needs were filled sufficiently by the ways
: of Argan Argar, whose castle is ever open to those who dare to
: enter. Discontents went to greater centres of experimental learn-
: ing. In the Shadowlands, the ancient powers and heroes remained
: strong...

"Easy" access to the deeper mysteries of Troll religion through the
Obsidian Palace -- the loss even to mere human subjects of the Shadowland=
caused by its destruction is terrible to consider.

Fred writes:

> Richard the Tiger-hearted, the Rokari Robin Hood...

Actually, the Rokari Richard the Lionheart (Coeur-de-Lion). Poles apart
from Robin Hood. And any right-thinking Heortling bandit would shoot him =
a trice, albeit sans longbow.

Jane writes:

> Belvani's story has yet to be told. Let's see: he's a natural
> linguist. =

I feel sure he'd call himself a "cunning linguist", and that we may now b=
uncovering the true meaning of another Yelmalion Gift. :-)



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