Richard the Robin?

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Date: Fri 06 Feb 1998 - 12:45:39 EET

Frederic Ferro:
>Richard the Tiger-hearted, the Rokari Robin Hood, is, like
>Leonardo, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the RW I would prefer
>to avoid IMG.

For a start, I never ever proposed that Richard would have taken the
role of the outlaw. Au contraire, I see the Rokari in the position to
suppress the unlucky natives of Heortland. I do borrow a bit from Robin
Hood, but mostly the version which appears as a side issue in Sir Walter
Scott's Ivanhoe, i.e. one of several themes of "suppressed Saxon" vs.
"oppressive Norman". (Which is not exactly historical, to my knowledge,
at least not at that late date).

>I'd rather call Richard the Tiger-hearted
>"Richard d'Estaurenic" but I wonder if a younger son of
>the Count of Estaurenic could use this name.

>From "How the West Was One" we have his family name, Richard de
Loimbard. According to the same source, by 1614 or so he had become the
younger brother of the count, and that's when (and why) he left

>The solution may be to change the reference from the King
>of England to Ivanhoe. Richard's nickname would be
>"the Disinherited" (El Desdischado, the "Prince Of the >Abolished
Tower" in Gerard de Nerval's sonnet).

There are a couple of _major_ differences between Richard the mercenary
captain (in 1615) and Ivanhoe. Richard has these 200 hardened fighters
under his command, is not a native of the land, and rises quickly in the
favour of the Hendriki king for his decisive victories in the Praxian
March and his extraordinary performance at the king's (somewhat rustic,
for modern Malkioni standards) tournament in Durengard on (St.)

In my campaign, the characters are quite unsympathetic towards Richard's
rise, being native Heortlanders or recently immigrated Orlanthi refugees
from Sartar (after the Starbrow Rebellion). If your characters are
Rokari knights or sergeants (peasant-caste warriors), they might well be
all in favour of Richard's ascension. (I'd like to see that campaign, it
would be very interesting to compare notes and ideas...)

>Another name is strange : Barbarian Town.
>Why would the Orlanthi or the Pol-Joni found a city with such
>a name?

I suppose that neither the local Orlanthi (the Sartarite Dundealos
tribe) nor the nomad Pol Joni founded the town, but that it originated
as a fortified trading post which attracted a few farmers. It might have
been named this way by the founding merchants for the many Pol Joni
barbarians (many of whom would have been exiles from the Praxian beast
riders until their recent acceptance with the Pol Joni) who chose to
become semi-sedentary here. Probably as chieftain of the town, extorting
the resident traders.

>Who call it this way? Sun Dome Templars?
>Should it be something like "Alakoring Town"?

Perhaps "Merchants' Post", or "Poor Post" (as opposed to "Rich Post" in
the Grazelands).

If the chieftain changes with the tides of power, there would be little
point to rename the place every couple of years.

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