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Hello all,

Once again, all help greatly appreciated. My questions are in number
letter pairs.

1. Cradle floats down Zola Fel and stops / snarles up at one of the bogs
(in SC) when SunStop happens (as before).

1a: "Gold Wheel Dancer": There may or may not be a GWD aboard. Where can
I find out about these things? What would have happened to it during

2. Rattlesnake Trickster tempts baby away from cradle.

2a. "Rattlesnake": Is there anywhere I can learn about this aspect of
the god?

3. Certain other creatures / people wander into the cradle, wondering
what it is.

4. Trickster knows what it is, and also knows that the SunStop can't
last. So it drops the baby off somewhere and hurries back to the cradle.

5. Before Trickster reaches it, the SunStop stops. The cradle's defenses
re-activate. The GWD (if that is what it is), or maybe the cradle
automatically, causes itself to sink into the bog, awaiting the return
of the giant baby. Anyone inside is caught and held in stasis.

6. HelpWoman finds the baby crying (it got scared when the sun blotted
out). With a strong sense of deja-vu it leads it away to safety before
the Trickster can get back to eat it. Zola Fel becomes aware of the
incident and helps get the child downriver to safety.

6a: "FoundChild": I did wonder if this baby could have been *the*
FoundChild. I think this would mean this incident had to have happened
during GodTime, which raises lots more questions. Is this an avenue of
thought I should pursue?

6b: "Refuge": Where would HelpWoman have taken the child? There's
Strockbjorn out in the Wastes. I would prefer (for campaign purposes)
south towards the mouth of Zola Fel. The child would have had to remain
hidden - or somehow un-noticed all this time.

7. When the giant Paragua (which oddly enough means "umbrella" in
Spanish) comes down to beat up RobCradle and set up what is to become
Old Pavis, Zola Fel informs him about the lost child (Zola Fel had
contact with the Elder Giants during the Great Darkness, I believe).
Paragua summons up HelpWoman and asks for the baby's return.

8. HelpWoman refuses. Her motherly aspect at the fore, she's insensed
about the idea of floating babies down rivers at all, let alone to the
underworld. She firmly but politely informs Paragua that the child will
be returned to its cradle when it's right and proper to do so (i.e. when
it's a bit older). Paragua has little choice in the matter (you can't
argue with a woman over children).

9. In return for his/her help, Zola Fel is allowed to have a major
temple in old Pavis. The temple is built around the place where Paragua
contacted HelpWoman, which is marked with an appropriate shrine.

10. When old Pavis becomes Big Rubble, the Zola Fel temple is abandoned,
and its upper layers become home to a tribe of trolls. The lower layers,
including the HelpWoman shrine, are flooded and in-hopsitable to trolls
for many years (until very recently).


HelpWoman has decided that it's time the baby (now a toddler) be
returned to its cradle. She has decided that it's too dangerous to walk
the child up to its cradle, so she needs someone to bring the cradle

Zola Fel is to help out by gathering a group of heroes (as in the
TroubleWaters scenario) at the shrine in the Rubble. Over the period of
(a day ? a week ?) anyone who falls into the river who is basically hero
potential is rescued and deposited at the bottom of the old Zola Fel
temple in the Rubble. They all come to at about the same time (this is
arranged, somehow, by Zola Fel).

The temple's lower levels are no longer flooded. This fact is unknown to
the troll tribe above, and they are about to get a few surprises. In
fact, this advantage the PCs have over the trolls, is probably the only
way a starting group could succeed in such a place.

HelpWoman isn't going to play her hand straight away. Rather, there are
clues and pointers in the temple to get the PCs going, but it's going to
be a while before they realise what they are involved in (realisation
should happen when the other cradle turns up - this incident will
re-inforce to HelpWoman just how careful she needs to be). However,
HelpWoman will always be around, always easily contactable by any PC
shaman, and always co-operative. When the time is right, she will lead
them through the last adventures necessary to obtain the wherewithall to
be able to raise the cradle. Then the PCs, once they've dealt with
anything trapped aboard in stasis for centuries, will need to steer the
cradle down towards Corflu (whose denizens will not believe their eyes),
there to rendezvous with the giant baby girl who will hop on board and
resume her journey to the underworld. The PCs may, optionally, stay on

Ok - what do you think?

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