Re: Ancient Cradle

From: Dave Henry (thebeast@MIT.EDU)
Date: Fri 06 Feb 1998 - 21:15:37 EET

Mike Raaterova:
>> The idea that Cwim is a chaotically corrupted giant from a cradle
>> that got fizzled by the Sunstop is really too good not to be
>> true. It will definitely be gospel IMG from now on, and i'd want
>> it to be gospel in GAG as well.

> Yeah! And should the lost Cradle ever be raised, would Cwim be drawn
> back to it? If Cwim climbed back in, could the Cradle somehow "heal"
> it and restore it back to the bouncy babe it began as?

        For me, MGF would be as follows:

        The heroic PC's manage to uncover the mysteries of the Cradle
and raise it. Cwim, still bearing some vestiges of his original
Giantish nature is "called" to it, making a straight line for it
(maybe stomping a village or two on the way). Arriving there, Cwim
keeps trying to climb aboard, ready to go home. The Cradle's magics,
however, are expecting a Giant baby, not a three-bodied Chaotic
montrosity. The Cradle "rejects" Cwim.

        I see a great scene with Cwim trying to fight his way into the
Cradle, the Cradle's magics and defenses trying to keep Cwim out, and
the PC's caught in the middle...

                -Dave Henry


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