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Date: Fri 06 Feb 1998 - 22:38:46 EET

Ok, Ok. Finally this hellish week is over, and while I should be out toni=
enjoying myself, the punters are restless and must be appeased.=20

I do have Questline II available for sale from the UK. It is extremely go=
though my oft mentioned quote of "94 pages of undiluted Gloranthan gold" =
produced under great duress - a .22 rifle was pointed at my head by some=20
American in a baseball cap upon the instructions of MOB and Andrew Bean.=20

What's more, I really do object to being referred to by MOB as Australia'=
"national symbol" - it is, in fact, the Queen (gawd bless 'er).=20

Of course, my recollection of the whole incident may be slightly confused=
to the large amounts of wine I consumed in the Yarra Valley, a pathetic=20
loyalty to my monarch, and the fantastic hospitality offered by MOB and=20
Andrew. I had a great two weeks in the land Down Under and my thanks go o=
ut to=20
the con organisers, everyone who I met, and all who played in Life of Moo=
and House of Malan, for making it an unforgettable experience.=20

My full and unexpurgated publications list follows:

Reaching Moon Megacorp
21 Stephenson Court, Osborne Street, Slough, SL1 1TN, England.
Telephone: (01753) 523169

Tales of the Reaching Moon Magazine

Single Issues UKP 3.50
Subscription (UK & Europe) UKP 10.00

Available issues are:

Issue #10: Sea special
With the cults of Magasta and Dormal, the Wolf Pirates, three scenarios,=20
Firebergs, fiction, and maps of the oceans. 54 pages.

Issue #11: Pamaltelan special
Includes cult of Pamalt, the Land of Jolar, Gazetteer and map of Pamaltel=
population stats, and two scenarios. 54 pages.

Issue #12: Bumper Colour special
Includes the Granite Phalanx cult, Warhamster miniatures rules, Alan LaVe=
and Penny Love fiction, the city of Glamour, Jon Quaife scenario, and Run=
magic rules variants. 58 pages.

Issue #13: Go West special
With articles on Crusades, history of Malkionism, sects and saints, two f=
sect write-ups (Rokari and Hrestoli), a scenario by MOB, and sorcerous vi=
58 pages.=20

Issue #14: Prax and the Wastes special
Includes cult of Eiritha, Praxian Spirit cults, Wastelands Map and Gazett=
the Basmoli Berserkers, Dwarf Knoll, Praxian myths, fiction and scenario.=

Issue #15: Prax and the Wastes part deux
Includes cult of Waha, more Praxian Spirit cults, Cam=92s Well, Moonbroth=
, the=20
Tunnelled Hills, An analysis of some herdman bones, Humakti sub-cult, fic=
and two scenarios. 62 pages.

Issue #16: Lunar special
Includes cults of the Red Emperor and Danfive Xaron, The Red Moon, Oronin=
Valley, An Interview with Roan-ur, forbidden fiction, The Singing Trail =
two scenarios. 66 pages.=20

For Tales magazine make Cheques and Postal Orders payable to =93David Hal=
Tales prices (only) include UK and European postage. Add UKP 1.50 per iss=
for postage elsewhere in the world.

Reaching Moon Megacorp Publications

Tarsh War UKP 9.00
A 12-player freeform ready to play. Lead
the Lunar Army=92s thin red line into Barbarian
lands and show them the light of the Great
Red Queen. Includes Lunar Army background.

Proceedings in Malkionism UKP 8.00
Convulsion =9194. post con book. with =09
freeform reports and seminar transcripts.

Wyrms Footprints UKP 9.50
Includes many of the best articles from =09
the late and much lamented Wyrms =09
Footnotes magazine, as well as new
material. 112 pages, full colour cover.=20

Questlines #1 UKP 8.00
With two official Chaosium cults, MGF,
and lots of Far Point (Sartar) background

Questlines #2 UKP 8.00
94 pages of MGF, Men in Blue, the Fortunate
Strangulations, con transcripts (including
Heroquesting), & more on Pavis and Prax.=20

The Meints Index to Glorantha (MIG) OUT OF PRINT

Best of Tales (#1 to #6) EARLY '98

Other Publications

The Broken Council Guidebook OUT OF PRINT
Includes details on period up to the Broken
Council: History, geography, personalities.

The RuneQuest-Con Compendium UKP 10.00
Includes Gloranthan stories, Home of the
Bold 2 narratives, and seminar transcripts.

Other Magazines

Codex Magazine #3 UKP 3.50

RuneQuest Adventures #1 to #5 UKP 3.50 each
US RuneQuest/Glorantha fanzine by
John Castellucci. Heavy emphasis on
scenarios and game information.=20

Tradetalk #2 UKP 3.50
Western issue with articles on the Boristi,=20
Tiskos, Kustria, Gloranthan fiction and
a scenario for Elric! 44 pages.=20

The Book of Drastic Resolutions UKP 8.50
Volume Chaos. Edited by Stephen Martin.
Lords of Terror and Dorastor part 2. 76 pages.

The Book of Drastic Resolutions UKP 8.50
Volume Prax. Edited by Stephen Martin.=20
100 pages of information on Prax and the
Wastes. Includes myths, maps, cults,=20
monsters, treasures and tribal info.

Enclosure #1 UKP 9.00
Has three main sections: Orlanthi (30 pages)
Alkoth & the Empire (30 pp), and PenDragon
Pass (28 pages of Pendragon-based rules for=20
Glorantha). Various authors. 92 pages.

For the publications and "other magazines" make Cheques and Postal Orders=
payable to =93David Hall=94. Publication prices only include UK postage. =
European orders add 10% for postage, elsewhere in the world add 30%.=20

I am low on copies of Enclosure, and there will be a delay in sending cop=
to you while I reprint the magazine (next week!).

All Hail the Reaching Moon!=20

David Hall


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