Weekly Cwim

From: Maria or Michael (michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se)
Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 13:19:22 EET


>Cwim is said to be the child of
>Thed, after all.

Possibly the baby giant, with or without its GWD, ran into a bunch of
(powerful) broos. Thus Cwim could be the "child" of the baby giant. Or both
the baby and the GWD was sacrificed into a Void and Cwim was spat out. Or
something or other.

>Posting directly to
>the Weekly would mean that people who read the daily Digest would have to
>closely watch the Weekly for new material they have never read.

So? Do you find it a *problem* that people have to read two regular sources
of Gloranthan stuff, one of which only comes out once every two weeks? I
mean, watching, however closely, the Weekly for new material could hardly
be much of an effort.

Michael Raaterova

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