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Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 13:56:23 EET

Daniel Fahey writes:

Hy all,

"Hibbs, Philip" <> writes:

>> Eurmal? Feeling guilty? He was _forced_ to guide the Lightbringers =

> I must protest, the Eurmali are treated grossly unfairly on this list.
> We^h^hThey have honour and morals, differing only in slight details =

> from the rest of society that castigates them unfairly, a classic case
> of fearing what you don't understand.

Me, Daniel:
I sympathize entirely with Philip, or maybe not...
I played Asvak, Mouth of Delela, An Eurmali, in Ingo's Rise of Ralios. =

Therein I was unfairly mistrusted, avoided by women, and even =

brutally physically forced by Nick to join them on their ludicrous =

Light-Bringers Farce. To this day I feel abused and neglected, and my
arm still hurts where the vicious brute sadistically tortured me.

___________ _________
Post-Script from Garundyer:

The little turd had it coming. I regret leaving him the use of *any* limb=



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