Cwim from the Cradle

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 16:57:00 EET

Harald Smith
>If you follow the
>Baby-turned-Cwim theory then maybe the Guardian was some sort of since
>unknown being with a large head and no body (maybe a Granite Head or some
>other mountainous being) and the guardian and baby merged through a
>corruption of chaos.

I like the idea of the chaos incident which merged a Gold Wheel Dancer
cradle guardian with a giant baby (or perhaps triplets), but I think that
Cwim has been around in Prax a bit longer than since Sunstop. So, when asked
who forged this transformation of giant kid plus GWD, my first reply would
be Wakboth.

This still makes Cwim a transformed cradle baby, and one viable "partner" to
trick the cradle defences into admitting a looting party. Imagine your PCs
with a less dangerous "key-person" trying to loot the cradle while some
chaos master arrives with Cwim...


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