Gold Wheel Dancers

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Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 17:21:03 EET

David Cake
>Stephen queries if all Cradles need to have a Gold Wheel Dancer. I thought
>that in the Chaosium campaign, the first Cradle for hundreds of years
>occurred precisely because Cradles DO need a Gold Wheel Dancer, and the one
>resurrected by Urrgh the Ugly was what they had been waiting for.

In developing a scenario around a recently discovered ancient cradle,
this gives you a couple of options depending on when the action takes
place compared with "The Cradle" scenario, and how true you want to be
to Chaosiums house campaign.

If your cradle is not going to be explored until after "The Cradle", you
can find a Gold Wheel Dancer on it or not, without affecting Gloranthan
Continuity. If you are exploring it before, and want a Gold Wheel
Dancer then the one you discover can be Pinching, released from stasis
by your pc's rather than resurrected by Urrgh. Otherwise the sudden
appearance of a member of this long extinct race would seem lileky to
cause a fair bit of excitement.

On the other hand, maybe the lack of a GWD is what caused this Cradle to
go astray, and the Elder Giants could have sent others, but didn't as
"Look what happened last time"

Presumably something has to help guide the EG baby through the
underworld and back out again (Anyone can get to hell by sailing down
Magasts's whirlpool, the tricky bit is getting out again). Would it be
a fair assumption that the GWD was involved in this? (I know very little
about them, cut the name suggests a link with Yelm who travels through
the underworld every night?) If this is the case than any alternative
guardian would need to have similar abilities/.
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