Palangio not at Knight Fort

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 17:25:00 EET

The ever-epithetizing Jeff Richard:

>Knight Fort -
>Another reliable source of Gloranthan gold, "Fightin' Joe" Baumgartner
>wrote that:
>>"Modern" Knight Fort would have only a very few traces of
>>Palangio's fortified camp left within its substance, most probably some
>>chambers in the foundation of the central keep, and a fair number of bricks
>>with DHan style Lodril stamps used and reused in certain sections.

>Unfortunately this time I must disagree with my learned Germanic
>comrade. I am thoroughly convinced that Palangio had nothing, yes
>absolutely nothing, to do with the foundation of Knight Fort. Not even
>a fortified camp.

To be honest, I am not convinced of the opposite. The timeline I wrote
included hypthetical earlier settlements.

Fact is that central modern Heortland lay fallow before the Hendriki tribe
formed from dissidents against Lokamayadon's religious regime. According to
the sources they hid in the Storm Mountains, which could mean that they
built their exile steads in the foothills rather than in the open plain.

Whatever can be said about Palangio's glorious conquests in Maniria, the
Hendriki tribe was not among these, whereas Slontos evidently was.


We know that there lived people in the Leftarm archipelago, and that
Pelaskite fisherfolk inhabited all the shores of the Choralinthor Bay. We
also know that Palangio ruled over all of the Kingdom of Night except the
Obsidian Castle, and that he allied with those powers outside of the Kingdom
of Night which he did not conquer or fight.

Thus, it is possible (though not very probable) that some of Palangio's
troops were stationed among the Leftarmer allies and helped keep back the

Praxians. These _might_ even have been precursors of the Sun Dome Templars.

What most probably did not happen was that Palangio built a fort there to
protect Heortlings friendly to the Bright Empire. There might have been a
few living in cities shared with the Fisherfolk (notice how all cities of
Heortland, with the exception of Mt. Passant - probably God Forgot-built -
lie either on the shore or a little way up the rivers).

Remember that Palangio was supreme ruler of Kethaela (and Kerofinela) for
about 60 years. That's longer than any Enerali dynasty (Dan, Dari) ruled
during the First Age. Plenty of time to make permanent changes in that land.
(AKA bring civilisation to the barbarians, and change their oppidum-style
hillfort cities into cities somewhat resembling Kostaddi or Darjiin
standard, if not Imperial Dara Happan. These changes in architecture,
manufacture, and social order would have been hard to eradicate completely.


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