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Date: Sat 07 Feb 1998 - 23:11:38 EET

Peter Metcalfe wrote

> >Another name is strange : Barbarian Town.
> >Why would the Orlanthi or the Pol-Joni found a city with such a name?
> I think it's the Orlanthi referring to the Poljoni as barbarians.

Given that the Pol Joni are Orlanthi (they're one of the tribes of Sartar,
after all), it might be the Praxians referring to the Pol Joni as
barbarians (and "town" would also be an insult, perhaps a translation of

Or it could be a bunch of Oasis Folk.

On Ramalia/Slontos:

Peter Metcalfe
> It was an Orlanthi (but not Heortling) Kingdom during the early years of
> the first age (150 to 206 ST according to the Broken Council Guidebook)
> which fell apart presumably under the impact of Mraloti and Pralori
> invasions. The Guidebook mentions that it had become Malkioni by 355 ST
> but gives no details.
> It was apparently part of the Empire of Light as Arkat spent fifteen
> years fighting in Slontos (425-440 ST). Afterwards it became some

Jeff Richard
> I now suspect that the folk of Slontos belonged
> to yet another folk who learned of Orlanth and the Lightbringers from
> the missionaries of the Unity Council

I suspect some of the Slontan Orlanthi (who may have been marginalized by
that time) eventually made their way to Umathela. I'm fairly certain that
the God Learners must have imported barbarians from Wenelia, Nolos, and
Pasos; Slontos is likely as well. Unfortunately, it would now be difficult
do determine their original beliefs, because they were turned into model
"Storm Barbarian" research subjects.

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