Jrustela and early Malkioni

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Sun 08 Feb 1998 - 03:00:37 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

>The Malkioni of Seshnela had conquered and acculturated most of the
>native Seshnegi kingdoms by the end of the first century. They seem to
>have produced a sizeable surplus of population which allowed them to push
>their borders eastward to Tanisor, and around Tarinwood to Slontos, which
>they seem to have interacted with heavily by the time of the kingdom of
>Herolal (around 250 ST).

The Serpent Kings (I wouldn't describe them as Malkioni) went all the
way to Hrelar Amali where they added Temples to Orlanth and Magasta
(according to the Jonstown Compendium). Then the Serpent Kings died
out and a reactionary movement took over (although I do believe they
were considerably more henotheistic than modern Malkioni).

>The Seshnegi seem to have had good relations to
>the Waertagi, good enough to allow them translocation of huge numbers of
>settlers or warriors across the seas.

Namely because they were both related to Malkion? Pointer: The
passage which claims that the Waertagi had an unshakable alliance
with the Brithini is written _before_ the mention of Hrestol's

>They even staged a naval assault on Brithos,
>apparently without Waertagi opposition (Genertela Box: Glorantha Book p.18),
>though this destroyed the Seshnegi empire (and seems to have cut the control
>over, perhaps even contact with, the overseas colonies of Seshnela).

>All this happened at least 50 years before Osentalka was born.

I believe that the Collapse of the Silver Empire happened _after_
the Sunstop on the basis of Codex #2's mention that the Fronelan
states are beginning the process of political integration in 385 ST.
Why then and not when the Silver Empire fell?

IMO The Silver Empire recieved quickly some doctrines of Nysalor
via the Dari Alliance. Impressed by these doctrines, the King
begins to spread them all over the place: Brithos (mention is made
of Arkat helping to drive the religion from the cities of Brithos
CoT p17), Jrustela and Fronela. The Brithini take measures to
suppress the new doctrines and a war starts between Seshnela and
Brithos. Driven by a sense of invincibility caused by his new
doctrines, the King makes a foolish Naval Assualt on Brithos and
perishes in the attempt along with his Crown Prince and entire

Thus the Silver Empire collapses and the Seshnegi, the Fronelans
and the Jrusteli are given 'proof' that Illumination is bad for
you. The civil war in Brithos, Fronela and Seshnela (masked by
the labels of 'political integration' and 'purging other dynasts
of their inheritance') continues for a while between the traditional
Malkioni and the illuminates. The Illuminates are strengthened by
new secrets and the rise of the Kings of Tanisor. The traditional
Malkioni eventually get Arkat.

Thus the Jrusteli are given some ideas about Illumination and what
it can do. In addition, they are in continual contact with the
Waertagi until the twain fell out over the formation of the Jrusteli
Confederation (with thirteen colonies! Undoubtedly there was a

declaration of independance, a continental congress and a constitution
with the 2nd amendment being 'A well regulated wizardry, being
necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to
know Forbidden Secrets, shall not be infringed'). Since the Waertagi
are raiding Palangio's domains, I think the Waertagi would have kept
the Jrusteli up to date over affairs back Home.

>However, I am fairly sure that the Jrusteli did not really
>notice the Gbaji wars. They seem to have been caught up in developments
>of their own instead...

>(But then, how much impact did the Napoleonic wars have on the development
>of the USA?)

Look up the War of 1812. At the very least, the Americans got a White
House out of it.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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