Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #408

From: Kevin Rose (
Date: Sun 08 Feb 1998 - 07:34:01 EET

Joerg said:

>I don't know how they managed to unify these very divergent creeds into
>the God Learner movement. I suppose the Sunstop may have affected this
>development. However, I am fairly sure that the Jrusteli did not really
>notice the Gbaji wars. They seem to have been caught up in developments
>of their own instead...

My understanding was that the "God Learner" movement grew out of the
studies of the material looted from the Arkat cult after the Silver
Alliance plundered the central temple of the Arkat cult. The period that
the God Learners started up was also the same period that the Jrusteli
commercial empire really got rolling. Is this sequence wrong?

>(But then, how much impact did the Napoleonic wars have on the
>development of the USA?)

The Louisiana purchase comes to mind, which had a fairly drastic effect on
the development of the US.



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