Re: Joerg on Jrustela; Jeff on Slontos

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sun 08 Feb 1998 - 13:02:39 EET

Fightin' Joe Baumgartner writes:

> I am fairly sure that the Jrusteli did not really notice the Gbaji
> wars. They seem to have been caught up in developments of their own
> instead...

While I fully agree that the island of Jrustela "sat out" the Gbaji
wars, don't forget the arrival of the fall-out from the succession war
after the death of Nralar the Old: that's mainstream post-Nysalorian
Seshnegi political (inc. religious, one may assume) leaders, plus "a
large segment" of the population (cf. Wyrms Footprints p.25), who we
know made a big difference to the Jrusteli worldview and outlook.

Most notably, it was *after* this that the thirteen Jrusteli colonies
confederated, became an expansionist, naval, imperial, anti-Stygian
power, and strove to "liberate" Seshnela from "barbaric" overlords...

While I agree with Joerg's quibbles about whether "Arkati Illumination"
is or is not identical to "Nysalor Illumination", the fact remains that
the two look exactly the same to both Arkati (St. Arkat's Blessing) and
Illuminates (special ability to recognise other Illuminates), while our
sources explicitly raise the spectre of Arkat's own Illumination.

Lawspeakin' Jeff Richard writes:

> I suspect that the folk of Slontos belonged to yet another folk who
> learned of Orlanth and the Lightbringers from the missionaries of the
> Unity Council.

I concur. I interpret the RQ Companion account of Dawn Age Theyalan
missionaries as saying that they set off from Kethaela, travelled west
through Maniria, and made their first converts in Slontos. This allows
me to have my "not very Lightbringerised" barbarians in Wenelia. The
passage in question is:

: Parties from Kethaela set off westward into the lands of the Entruli
: and the Pralori with mixed success. These peoples were famed for
: their hatred and warfare. It was only when King Lalmor set off with
: his tribe, the Vathmai, and reached Slontos in 115 that the Light-
: bringers' knowledge was firmly entrenched into the culture of the
: region.

As you'll see, it's unclear what's meant by "the region". Given my own
desires, I find it easy to interpret this as "Slontos" rather than "the
whole region west from Kethaela, including those belligerent and hostile
Entruli and Pralori who hadn't previously embraced the Lightbringers'
message." But YGMV. Clearly the inhabitants of Slontos were not Light-
bringer worshippers before 115 ST, whatever the passage means.



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