Missing Maps

From: Michael O'Brien (mrmob@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Sun 08 Feb 1998 - 15:28:02 EET

G'day all,

Andrew Bean and I have just farewelled our last overseas visitor for
Glorantha Con Down Under (Ingo, whose just spent the weekend braving the
elements camping with us at Wilson's Promontory). It was great to have
Jeff, Neil, David D and Sandy over from the US, and David H and the Kevster
once again from Old Blighty. The con organisers (sans Mr Bean - twice is
enough!) are already talking of doing it again, the poor fools, so
hopefully we'll see another contingent of foreigners in two years time!

Missing Maps


>On a different note, I noticed when reading through The Haunted Ruins
>(RQ3 edition) that a map was missing. It's the map for the locations
>62-72, described on pp 22-24. Anyone else noticed this? It's not really
>important, but anyway...

I have had several of the Aussie Tales subbers ask me about this over the
years. It might be nice if the missing maps (from RQ2 Trollpak) were put up
on Chaosium's Glorantha page, what say you Shannon/Stephen?

Web Page Update

I've added a coupla things to my Glorantha Page this week:

  * "Vale RQ", my personal farewell of RuneQuest, the game we
    know and love (as featured in Questlines II)

  * Link to Jane's Glorantha Page, the creation of Jane Williams.
    Her site has an extensive "Feminist Glorantha" section, and
    lots of stuff for people actually gaming in Glorantha.

  * Link to the "Convulsion: The Next Generation page". Convulsion
    is taking place again in Leicester, England next July. This
    link features a zippy promo and online entry form. I hope to
    see you there!

Coming soon: "Last Tango in Pavis", another classic RQ tournament with a
bad pun in the title!



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